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Zaid Security full course plus all type of course

  • Zaid Security full course plus all type of course
Price : BDT999.00 (Fixed)
Date : September 13, 2021
Condition : NEW
Warranty : 1 month
Location :Palashbari Gaaibandha

Complete Ethical hacking course with practical Attack plus paid tool

Here you can learn about website hacking, network hacking, how to make a keylogger, spyware, rat , botnet,

cctv camera hack, Man in the middle attack and many more.

200+ video

100+ tool


2 methods to hack WPA2 enterprise networks

3 methods to hack captive portals (hotels & airport networks)

Steal WPA/WPA2 password using evil twin attack.

Crack WPA/WPA2 faster using GPU.

Write custom scripts to implement your attack ideas.

Bypass router-side security & run ARP spoofing attack without raising alarms.

Unlock WPS on some routers even if its locked

Disconnect multiple or all clients from their networks without knowing the key

Bypass MAC filtering (both black & white lists).

Discover & connect to hidden networks

Crack more secure WEP implementation when SKA is used.

Exploit WPS on more secure routers to get the WPA/WPA2 key.

Understand how WPA/WPA2 enterprise work.

Understand how a fake access points work

Manually create fake access points

Generate SSL certificates & use it to support HTTPS on apache2.

Create a fake captive portal that acts exactly like a normal captive portal.

Use huge wordlists to crack WPA/WPA2 without taking up disk space.

Save WPA / WPA2 cracking progress.

Bypass HTTPS & capture data manually.

Analyse data flows and build own attacks.

Run attacks against HTTPS websites.

Inject Javascript / HTML code in HTTPS pages.

Create trojans – combine any file (image/pdf) with an evil file.

Replace files downloaded on the network with trojans.

Write script to replace downloads with trojans on the fly.

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